Worth the Price?

KEM says these cards are “100 percent cellulose acetate plastic – a unique blend of paper and plastic that provides superior flexibility and strength” but these should not be confused with “plastic coated paper playing cards” They do have a similar texture to traditional Bicycle paper playing cards but with the strength of plastic. I love the texture of quality paper decks so I really like the texture on these cards.

I’ve used KEM cards in the past and found them to have a feel that was too soft and flexible for my taste. They also had a tendency to bow after some use. I tested these cards as new so I can’t yet speak to how well they will hold their shape over time. I can say that they are much more pleasant to shuffle than I remember. They are still a little soft but it is a “good soft” in that they snap is still there yet they are very comfortable to play with.

I had to deduct quality points because the reds are very inconsistent. Even between suits this deck ran from a bright red to a dark red. This caused some security concerns but upon close inspection it appears that the backs of the cards are uniform.

Overall there are comparable cards for nearly half the cost such as Piatnik or Copag but these do have a little more luxurious feel to them. I wouldn’t pay the price to make these my main game cards but I’m happy to break them out for special occasions. If these bow, they won’t even be worth the shipping I paid (free shipping from Amazon).

KEM Arrow cards red and blue

Type: Plastic
Size: Poker
Index: Large
Pips: Two
Jokers: Two
Manufactured: USA

KEM Arrow cards red and blue
KEM Arrow playing cards showing suits and backs

KEM Arrow

$33 per setup












  • Classic design
  • Comes with case


  • Expensive