Budget Options – Toppers

Playing on the kitchen table should be a last resort. It can be tough to pick up or look at your cards without a little give under them. Hard surfaces can also be hard on your chips. Not damaging your table with scratches and spilled drinks might also be a benefit!

Treat yourself and your players to at least a rollup table topper. They can be as basic as a thin layer of foam or a little more durable made from neoprene like a mouse pad.

Rollup table topper

The next step up is the folding table top. They store more easily than a fixed, rigid top but the crease where the table folds can sometimes catch cards when dealing. Also pass on the drink holders (spillers) if you can find one without them. They are too shallow to be of much use and players *will* spill a drink on your table. Use a food tray off to the side of the player for drinks.

Folding rigid table top

When you’re ready to splurge and do it right, you’ll want to get a pre-made dedicated table top, full table or custom made table. Pricing will run into the hundreds to thousands of dollars but there really is nothing like it.