Other than the usual cards, chips, and a table, you may also need some other accessories to go with your game. The following items are commonly used at a home game.

Dealer Button

Sometimes called a dealer “puck”, this item denotes the seat acting as the dealer for the hand. Some players use the deck of cards to signify that the button is where the actual dealer is. Using a dealer button makes it easier on the person actually dealing to know where to start the deal. Sometimes the person dealing the cards isn’t actually the person on the button such as a case where someone isn’t comfortable handling the cards to deal.

Basic dealer button
Example of where is the button is in relation to the blinds

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Card Protector

A card protector or “card guard” is used to protect your hole cards during play. If a dealer or other player accidentally scooped up your unprotected hand into the muck, your hand is dead. It is your responsibility to protect your cards at all times. Placing or “capping” your cards with a card protector makes it less likely someone will mistake your live cards for discards. Many players simply use a chip from their stack in the game. The problem with that is that the live chip you’re using might accidentally make its way into the pot! Use a coin, small chachki or totally different chip not being used in the game. Find something that represents your personality and have fun with it!

Other Buttons

There are other buttons used in games to signify an event or condition important to game play. These are also sometimes called “Lammers” although a Lammer is a button used in a casino to represent value while cash is in transit. The image below shows a typical set of buttons that might come with a budget set of poker chips. You can read about the kill button here. Little, Big, and Missed are all used to show that an absent player missed a blind and will need to pay the missed blinds or wait until they they come around again to get back in the game. Reserved is sometimes used in a casino to hold a seat for a returning player on break.

Common buttons used in poker

All In and Call buttons are used to show that a player has gone all in and another player has called. This helps eliminate cases where a player may claim they didn’t declare all in or there is a lot of noise making it difficult to hear verbal declarations. Using these buttons can keep intentions clear for all to see.

All In and Call buttons

Mixed Games

When playing mixed games or dealers choice, it can help to have a sign showing which game is currently being dealt. Signs specific to the game will be displayed on the table for as long as that game is being played (usually an orbit) and then changed to the next game. This helps players actually remember the game they are playing!

Signs showing the various games that might be played